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Intelligent ultility billing

Digital Submetering:
Intelligent utility billing

Digital submetering and metering data in real-time

By using digital submetering technology, heat, hot water, and cold-water quantities consumed can be read at any time and from any location. Collecting consumption data in a smart way provides the basis for a digital heating utility billing.
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Submetering data collection in real-time

Four reasons for digital submetering


Fast availability of correct consumption values

Full data sovereignty with the owner

Full data sovereignty with the owner


Consumption information during the year when tenants change


EED & ESG compliant data basis

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Digital submetering for property managers and cooperatives

The contracts with your current meter-reading companies are expiring and you are planning a new call for tender? Digitalize your processes. The digitalization of your processes is crucial. We invite you to a personal consultation to learn more about your potential.
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Digital submetering for property managers and cooperatives
Recording of metering data in real-time

Recording of metering data in real-time

Do you need heat, cold and hot water metering data for your properties and are looking for a service provider that can support you?  Just contact us and we will show you the advantages of digital meter reading customized for your property.
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The ultimate technology for innovative project developers

Are you planning a new real estate project and want to ensure that it is equipped with the latest technology? Hire a measurement service provider that meets the level of innovation of your project development. We will support you from the very beginning.
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Submetering project developers

Current challenges

Reduce your costs

More than 10 million German households pay too much for metering services.

Property managers

Most property managers still do not have direct access to the metering data of their tenants.


If German property managers want to meet the targets of the EED Act by the end of 2026, they will need 15,000-meter changes per day.

ESG Data

The majority of property managers can only provide relevant ESG data during the year with a great deal of time and effort. 

Digital submetering as a solution

Digital submetering is the measurement technology of the future for more transparency in the collection and evaluation of consumption and metering values. On-site meter readings are no longer necessary. Instead, both landlords and tenants always have an overview of heat, cold water, and hot water consumption. The basis for creating a digital heating cost transcript is given not just in the following year, but also at the end of the respective balance year. The use of digital submetering technology enables viewing metering data during the whole year at any time. In an ESG context, the right strategy encourages residents to more sustainable consumption behaviors, and, therefore, to increase the efficiency by reducing resources and costs.

Submetering IoT House

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Equipment rental

Device renting including installation and maintenance

Digital reading and provision of data

Digital reading and provision of data

Digital billing of heating costs

Digital utility billing

Property planning

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Digital submetering: practical applications

The fact that digital submetering leads to more sustainability and living comfort is proven by the innovative urban district Südkreuz Berlin. In addition to hardware providers such as SimonsVoss, RENZ, and SKS, Reos is the digitalization partner for building control, data processing, and digital property management. In total, more than 2,500 meters have been installed, helping to create a digital living ecosystem.

The One is a new landmark on the Frankfurt skyline. The high-rise combines both multiple uses and synergy effects under one roof. Almost 1,800 wireless meters and hardware components were installed as digital infrastructure in the innovative new-work building. Not least for this reason, WiredScore has awarded the modern office and hotel complex as the first high-rise building in Central Europe with the SmartScore certificate of the highest category Platinum.

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Kjell Ole Beckmann Managing Director Reos

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What is digital submetering?

Submetering is the consumption-based metering and billing   of water and heating costs per residential unit. As soon as digital meters enable intelligent consumption recording independent of location and in real-time, this technology is called digital submetering.

What is the difference between “metering” and “submetering”?

Metering captures utility costs that impact the entire building. These are often billed directly between the service provider and the service recipient. Submetering, on the other hand, describes consumption-based recording. These can be apportioned to the end of the lease as part of heating cost billing.

How does digital submetering work?

The prerequisite for the intelligent recording and billing of consumption data is digital meters and gateways as communication units. The use of this technology enables the automated reading of heat, hot water, and cold-water consumption.

Why digitize submetering?

Germany is to become climate-neutral by 2045. This also affects the building sector. To achieve the German government’s climate targets, processes must be made more efficient. The target by the end of 2026 is to use only remotely readable heat and water meters.

Who are we?

Reos GmbH is your management partner for residential properties and modern asset classes such as micro-living and neighborhoods. Reos GmbH is your management partner for residential properties and modern asset classes such as micro-living and neighborhoods. With intelligent building control, cloud-based processes, and real-time data, the company is blazing new trails in property management. Digital submetering is the first step towards a smart building. The integration of further IoT hardware into Reos’ platform solution offers to scale potential.

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